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Quality Pet Re-Homing

Since 15 June of 2006, we have been serving the pets and families of Coryell County and surrounding areas. Pet Adoption in Gatesville 

EFFECTIVE DATE OF 501 (c) (3) STATUS - 21 FEB 2018.

**We understand that "life happens" and that there are circumstances beyond your control that have brought you to the decision to re-home your pet.  We love caring and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships.  We provide a safe place for your fur baby to be while they await placement in a forever home. We ensure that they receive the highest quality care and are adopted to fully vetted families. Your pet will not risk being destroyed at CCPRNOKILL. With our Forever Safe policy, once a pet is in the CCPRNOKILL program the pet is in the program for the lifetime of the pet. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE A SMALL RURAL FACILITY AND WE HAVE LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE. EVERY PET IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT HERE. WE ARE NOT IN RESCUE FOR THE NUMBERS TURNOVER WE ARE IN RESCUE TO SAVE LIVES. EVERY LIFE MATTERS.


We can only take in the pets that we have space for. In the event that you have a pet that we do not have space for please refer to: for a list of no-kill facilities in Texas.

Once you have a rescue lined up to take in your pet we are happy to help transport if possible. CCPRNOKILL IS ALSO HAPPY TO MAKE A COURTESY POST FOR YOY IN ORDER TO HELP YOU NETWORK YOUR PET.


CCPRNOKILL is  ALWAYS requesting/accepting applications for large and small breed foster homes. 

Simply fill out an Adoption application and where the name of the pet would be please type or print "Foster Application"

* CCPRNOKILL Takes in small and large breeds- THERE IS NO BREED BIAS HERE AT CCPRNOKILL -(when fosters are available for large breeds) from responsible pet owners. We do not have the capacity to pick up stray or lost pets. CCPRNOKILL is not associated with your city pound or kill shelter.  On occasion when a found dog is brought to CCPRNOKILL, if the dog is not claimed within a reasonable amount of time (7 to 10 days) CCPRNOKILL will list the dog for adoption. 

--If you find a dog in the county please call to see if we have space to take the dog in (254) 248-5002. Please do not just assume that we have to take it just because you found the dog and picked it up. We simply do not have the space to take in every lost, found, abandoned, neglected, unwanted, dumped, or otherwise abused dog.

** INTAKE fees are based on the amount of responsible pet care that owners have already provided.  Intake fees are often waived depending on what vetting, training, grooming, etc. is left to be done prior to the pet being ready for adoption.

*** ADOPTION Fees are based on the amount of responsible pet care provided by CCPRNOKILL. Adoption Fees are then used to provide vetting and care for incoming pets. There is ZERO profit made by CCPRNOKILL as you can see in the low adoption fees posted in the available pet section. (i.e. $3500.00 spent for veterinary care for a pet lets to a $150.00 adoption fee - The highest ever charged by CCPRNOKILL  at less than 10% of the expenses out of pocket for the pets welfare.  ADOPTION FEES MORE OFTEN RANGE FROM $15.00 to $75.00 (Far below what other rescues charge) CCPRNOKILL IS IN THE BUSINESS OF SAVING LIVES NOT MAKING MONEY.

Coryell County Pet Rescue is NOT funded by NOR do we receive any financial contributions whatsoever from any City, County, State, Country, or Government.


**** CCPRNOKILL depends on donations as well as these fees to continue to provide this service for our community


Reliable and Trustworthy Foster Families

We have volunteer foster families that bring pets awaiting forever homes into their families and provide them with the best possible care until the perfect match of pet and new home are found.  CCPRNOKILL also boards pets at Bow Wow Boutique (2217 E Main St. Gatesville TX (254) 392-1878) so they can be pampered and viewed by possible adopters via appointment during business hours. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Their happiness and care is our top priority. We strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive. PETS are family and we should all provide them with the same unconditional love, patience, understanding, respect, and joy they enrich our lives with.


Looking to adopt a Cat or Kitten? TEXT our cat lady Connie and let her know you are looking for a cat or kitten (she doesn't answer strange numbers)  254.679.9078

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The love of your life is waiting! Contact us to set up a meet and greet or to schedule our pet services. 

CCPRNOKILL/Bow Wow Boutique

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